In this section, we will learn how to manage portal users along with the departments and groups they belong to.

Getting Started

When you enroll for the first time on your CyberRiskAware portal you are added as the first user on your portal. 

Therefore, you are an administrator added to a system-generated "default department". 

The administrator account and other future users may belong to your defined groups and departments.

Groups Vs Departments

Department. A department represents a company section or department. e.g. IT Support, HR, Sales, etc. 

Note: A user should only be a member of one department at any given time, however, if a user is a member of multiple departments, you will need to select the user's default department by editing their user profile and selecting it from the Department drop-down menu. This department will then be visible under the user's profile on the User Manager page.

Group. A Group is a virtual grouping of users. This may be used to group users who are not necessarily in the same department. E.g. high risk or baseline groups etc. 

Note: A user may be a member of multiple groups.

User creation/import methods

CyberRiskAware provides three methods on how to create/import users onto the platform. Please click on the method which best suits you and you will be brought through step by step instruction on how to implement.  

1. Manual Creation - how to create a user or an administrator manually.

2. Bulk Upload (using CSV) - import many users by uploading a CSV file to the platform.

3. Active Directory Synchronisationa scheduled server task that synchronises the users between your active directory structure and the Cyber Risk Aware portal. We support synchronisation using Azure AD, On-Premise AD, Okta, Onelogin, or People HR. 

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