This document details how you can add users to your portal using our Bulk User Import facility.

Topics Covered:

•    Preparation / format of CSV users file and data required

•    Uploading of CSV file

•    Tracking User creation progress

•    Viewing User Sync History

Bulk User Import 

This document outlines how you can import your users into your portal quickly and easily by uploading a Comma Separated Values (or comma delimited CSV) file. 

Most database tools / employee management systems will allow you to export employee data as CSV files, which can then be uploaded to our systems. All users contained within the CSV file are then automatically added as members of your portal.

How should the CSV file be formatted?

The CSV file required is very simple, containing a maximum of nine fields per user with just three fields being required to get started. The required fields are Email, FirstName and SurName. The remaining fields are optional.

Field Names allowed

Email (required)


FirstName (required)


SurName (required)






Some points to note:

  • All email addresses in your CSV file much match the domain used to setup your portal.
  • If you require additional domains to be added to your portal, please contact support and we will add those for you.
  • You can only use business email addresses. Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other public addresses will not be acceptable.

Sample CSV file

You can pull down a sample CSV file from your portal by clicking on the link below. You'll find it by clicking on the 

Dashboard -> User Manager -> Bulk User Import and downloading the user template at the link below. 

CSV files can also be created using any text editor (such as Notepad or TextEdit). Excel will also export data to CSV files. The image below shows a correctly formatted CSV file open in Excel. While the example below shows just one users’ data, the file can contain as many users as the portal is licenced for.

Note: Please ensure that you DO include the field names (Email, FirstName, SurName etc) as a minimum in the first row, as below.

To export from Excel to a CSV file, go to File -> Export -> click CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) -> Save as, and enter a filename to suit. 

 This is how the same file would look when opened in a text editor: 

Uploading the CSV file

 A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated


From the Dashboard: 


  • Click on User Manager (1), then Bulk user import (2)
  • Click on the Choose File button (3) to select the CSV file then click Upload (4)
  • The import status dialog will update as below while displaying the number of users being imported:

 A screenshot of a cell phone

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  • The Track Progress (above) button will take you to the User Manager – User Import / Sync Progress section, which will advise you when your users are added, as below:


A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated


The number of users displayed above should match the number of users in your CSV file. All your users have now been imported into your Cyber Risk Aware portal.


Please note that the support team are on hand to assist you with this, and we are happy to troubleshoot any issues you might have when preparing your users data. 




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