What is PhishHuk?

PhishHuk is an CRA Add-in to Outlook mailing system, when active users will see a button to 'Report Phishing', This will then send a report to the admin and notify them that users are aware of what a phishing email looks like.

Clicking the PhishHuk item on the Main Menu (Screen left), you will be presented with the PhishHuk Dashboard

At the Bottom of the screen you will see the Latest Reported Emails

At the Top of the PhishHuk Dashboard you will have multiple tabs (As shown Below)


> Dashboard

    If you are on another tab (E.g. Settings) this will direct you to the PhishHuk Dashboard

> Inbox

    Here you will see the reported emails and be able to carry out actions

    When an Email is selected in the list you will be able to View Email or Add Note

    Further actions:

     - Copy - Will allow you to copy the table

     - CSV - Will Export the table as a Comma Separated Value file Type (Each Data point will be followed by a Comma )

     - Excel - Will Export the table as Excel (xlsx) file type
     - Search Panes - Will display a pop up window with search fields and sort options
> Templates

    Here you will be able to define the templates that are sent to the admin when an email is reported and also the email you wish to send the user reporting the email as acknowledgement of their awareness.

> Settings

    Here you will be able to configure how your PhishHuk operates, by using the following tabs:

     - General - you will be able to stop the ingestion and also to redact emails

     - Scanning - Configure what you would like to be scanned when email is reported

     - Reporting - Set the acknowledgment and who the reports are sent to
     - Exchange - Set the treatment for emails that have been reported (i.e. Delete/Move)

> Support

    Submit a request/query to our support team

> Addins

    How to install the PhishHuk Outlook Add-in

> Legacy PhishHuk

    This will present you with the legacy overview of PhishHuk