CyberRiskAware Training - Microsoft Teams App

The CyberRiskAware Training - Microsoft Teams app is an add-on to the CyberRiskAware platform that allows taking of assigned training through the Microsoft Teams application.

Launching the CyberRiskAware Teams App

Once your administrator has deployed the CyberRiskAware Training app to your Teams app if will be available to you to take your training within the Microsoft Teams application.


To launch the Training app, simply click on the CyberRiskAware Teams Tab.

If the CyberRiskAware Tab is not visible, click on the More apps icon on the Teams sidebar to search for more apps.
Type CyberRiskAware in the search box and select the CyberRiskAware Training app

Logging In

The CyberRiskAware Training app will automatically log you in to the CyberRiskAware platform.

The Training Selection page

Once logged in, the app will present you with will all of your currently assigned training, each training course is represented by a tile. Filtering and sorting controls can be used to create the view you desire.

Taking Your Training

Each training course is represented by a tile

Clicking on the More Info button to see more information about the particular training assignment.

This will show additional information such as the training type.

To begin a training course click on the Start button and the course will begin.

An example of a Video Training course.