Introduction to SOARDPhish

SOARDphish is an automated system that reacts to phishing emails quickly - resulting in a more cost-effective and reliable mitigation of cyber phishing threats.


Using the best SOAR technology, Cyber Risk Aware is able to expedite the accurate analysis and response of phishing emails threatening your business and employees.


Give your IT security team full visibility with automated reporting of all detected incidents in a customisable platform to fit the needs of your organisation.

Instructions to use SOARDPhish

Step 1: Install the PhishHuk addin

  • The addin can be obtained from visiting the SoardPhish section of your portal and accessing the Addins Page

Step 2: Configure your settings and templates

  • Within the SOARDPhish portal, visit the Settings and Templates pages to configure the system.

Step 3: View Dashboard data

  • When users start reporting suspicious emails they will appear in the portal dashboard.

Step 4: Analyze Emails

  • Use the wealth of data supplied to analyze and categorize the reported emails