1.    Login to Office 365 Security and Compliance.

2.    Click on the Threat Management   - Policy menu and select the Safe Links option.

3.    In the Policies that apply to specific recipients section, choose New 

       - the New button resembles a plus sign (+).


4. Specify the name, description, and settings for your policy.
        Example: ATP Link Policy

  • In the Name box, type ATP Safe Links Policy.
  • In the Description box, type a description like, Excludes CRA domains from being rewritten by ATP.
  • In the Select the action section, choose On.
  • In the Do not rewrite the following URLs section, specify one or more URLs that are considered to be safe for your organization. (See Set up a custom "Do not rewrite" URLs list using ATP Safe Links)




  • In the Applied To section, choose The recipient is a member of, and then choose the group(s) you want to include in your policy. Choose Add, and then choose OK.

5.    When you are finished adding URLs, in the lower right corner of the screen, choose Save.