Whitelisting is an important facility to ensure the successful implementation and usage of the CyberRiskAware Platform. All clients of the CyberRiskAware platform MUST whitelist our mail server to allow the successful delivery of Mock Phishing and Training emails. 

This is a requirement for all mail service providers.

Note: If documentation is not provided below for your email infrastructure/email defences, these can be made available upon request. Please email support@cyberriskaware.com.

Office 365/ Outlook

Whitelisting in Outlook 365

Office 365 - Mail Flow Rules

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Anti-Phishing Policy (Add CRA Domains)

Office 365 ATP Safe Links - Do not rewrite URLs

Google Apps / GSuite

Whitelist IP Addresses in GSuite/Google Apps

Whitelisting by Email Header in Google Suite


Whitelisting in MimeCast


Whitelisting in Barracuda 


Whitelisting in Symantec.Cloud


Whitelisting in Cisco Ironport


Whitelisting in AppRiver

Congratulations!!! You are now ready to create your first CyberRiskAware Security Evaluation & Training Email Campaign.

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