Automatic picture download allows CyberRiskAware to track email views more consistently, and therefore yielding more accurate email metrics reporting. This is done by simply placing a 1px image within the email content that is linked back to our site. When the email client tries to download the image, we know that the email has been viewed. 

If email views are not being correctly recorded than either your users are opening their email in preview mode only whereby they are not selecting attachments or embedded links. However, if you notice your CyberRiskAware portal recording attachment and link click events and not email views then you have restricted your users from downloading this pixel either on individual machines or on group policy.

To improve the monitoring and measurement accuracy of CyberRiskAware within your organization and to gain nearly 100% email view tracking rates, your organization’s IT or Exchange administrators can configure group policies to enable automatic picture download for exchange email communications.

Please see the Exchange and Outlook image Download Policy to resolve this issue.