1. Simple (Ad-Hoc) Quiz Campaigns

Simple (Ad-Hoc) Quiz Campaigns can be used to carry out immediate Cyber Risk Awareness Evaluation.

We recommend that Administrator begins by creating and testing a Simple (Ad-Hoc) Quiz Campaign.

We also recommend that your first simple Quiz Campaign should be sent to yourself only.

This will test email delivery success and allows you to become familiar with the administrator and user portals.

Creating a Simple Quiz Campaign.

Step 1: Select the Quiz Campaign Menu Item.

To begin, select the Quiz Manager Main menu item followed by the Quiz Campaign sub-menu item.

 Quiz Manager

        - Quiz Campaigns

        - Quiz Definitions

You are now in the Quiz Campaigns List

Note: On a new portal, this list will be empty.

Step 2: Create a new training Campaign

Select "Create a new training Campaign" to begin the Quiz Campaign Wizard. 

1. Select a Training Topic

You may now choose the training topic from a list of Quiz training topics contained in the "Select a training topic" drop-down list. The default first topic is "email Security".

This list includes email security, social engineering, removable media security, authentication, web security, wifi security and more.

1. Select a Training Course

You may now choose the Quiz Training Course from a list of training courses contained in the "Select a training course" drop-down list and associated to the training topic. 

CyberRiskAware currently provides two Quiz Types types.

1. Evaluation Quiz.

This quiz comprises of 10 to 20 topic related questions only that allows a company evaluate knowledge of a specific security topic.

2. Video Quiz.

This Quiz comprises of 3 to 5 questions that follow a video topic and are created to compound knowledge gained by the training video.

Select the "Next" button to proceed or "Cancel" to exit the wizard.

Step 3: Create your first Quiz Training Campaign

The following options are available and configurable in the Create Training Campaign Form.

1. Campaign Name

This is an editable pre-filled field that defaults to the Campaign name + DateTime Stamp. This is used to identify the campaign after publication.

2. Training Description

This is an editable pre-filled field that describes the campaign.

3. Scheduled start and end DateTimes.

Select a Start and End DateTime for the Training Campaign.

5. Assignment, Reminder and Completion Templates.

For the purposes of your first Training Campaign, we can leave the default values for now. However, it is also possible to create your own customized versions of these emails.

6. Targeted Groups.

Select the Groups you wish to send your first training Campaign. We recommend that you send it to yourself or local colleagues.

7. Locale

This is used to select the training content language.

8. Override users default locale

When setting up a new user, they are given a default language. This option allows you override each users locale and force the email and training to contain the language selected in option 7 above.

Select the "Next" button to proceed or "Cancel" to exit the wizard.

Step 4: Admire your first Quiz Campaign.

You are now back in the Quiz Campaigns listing table and you will now see your first "Unpublished" Training Campaign.

Using the drop-down Actions menu to the right of the Unpublished status you will find the following options.

1. Details

Selecting this option will provide some basic information about the campaign.

2. Publish.

Even though you have selected a scheduled time to publish the campaign you may wish to publish immediately. This is especially the case when running your first "test" campaigns. 

Select publish and your quiz campaign will immediately be published and the quiz training email sent.

Congratulations on Creating your first Quiz Campaign

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