The CyberRiskAware dashboard offers a quick clean review scorecard of users, groups, training and phishing campaigns published to date. The dashboard is also where we find the portals administrative menu. 

Administration Menu Items           

Organization and User Profiles

    - View and edit organization and administrator details

User Manager

    - Manage users, departments, and groups

Phishing Manager

    - Create and configure phishing templates and campaigns

Quiz Manager

    - Create and configure Quiz campaigns

Training Manager

    - Create and configure Training campaigns

Reports and Stats

    - Reporting and data extract facility


    - PhishHuk email client add-on download and reporting

Real Time Risk Response

    - SIEM integration configuration facility


    - Portal customizations

Support Request

    - Request Support from within your CRA portal.

The complete CyberRiskAware Main menu and submenu items are listed below. We will continuously refer to sections of this menu during the course of your CyberRiskAware Training and User Manual.

Note: Sub Menu Items are indented.

Complete Administration Menu

Organization and User Profiles

        - User Profile

        - Organisation Profile

        - Partner Index

Organisation Timeline

 User Manager

        - Organisation Users

        - Departments and Groups

        - Bulk user import

Phishing Manager

        - Phishing Campaigns

        - C-Suite Settings

        - Phishing E-mail Templates

        - User Feedback Messages

Quiz Manager

        - Quiz Campaigns

        - Quiz Definitions

Training Manager

        - Training Campaigns

        - E-mail Templates

        - Training Messages

Reports and Stats

        - Monthly Statistics

        - Top User Statistics

        - Global Template Statistics

        - Phish Prone Per Sector

        - Incomplete Training

        - Diagnostic Reports

        - Data Export

            - Phishing Data

            - Training Data


        - PhishHuk Reports

        - PhishHuk Outlook Addin

Real Time Risk Responses

        - Real Time Risk Messages

        - User Risk Notifications


        - Organisation Settings

        - CRA Notifications

        - Communication Templates

        - Token Manager

Support Request

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