The Cyber Risk Aware dashboard offers a quick clean review scorecard of users, groups, training and phishing campaigns published to date. The dashboard is also where we find the portals administrative menu. 

Administration Menu Items


    - Shows number of User and groups

    - Shows number of Training & Quiz Campaigns

    - Shows number of Phishing Campaigns

    - Graph depicts Phishing campaign statistics for last 7 or 30 days 

    - Platform information provides links to Newsletters, Training & Phishing template updates, and new UI updates. 

Content Preview

    - Preview Phishing template and Forms,

    - Preview Training videos and Interactive courses

Partner Management

    - Create Keys

    - View Sub Portals

    - Sign Up Portals

    - Edit UI Colours and logos       

Organisation Manager

    - View and edit organization details

    - View Campaign History

    - Create and Manage OU Structure

User Manager

    - View User Profile

    - View & manage User and Administrators

    - Create & manage Departments and Groups

    - Manage Roles and Permissions

    - Bulk user import 

    - Monitor Import / Sync progress

    - AD Sync Configuration 

    - View/Export  Group Users report

Phishing Manager

     - Create Phishing campaigns

     - Configure C-Suite Tokens.

     - View, Create, and Edit Phishing Templates

     - View Feedback Messages

Quiz Manager

     - Create Quiz campaigns

     - View, Create, and Edit Quiz definitions 

Training Manager

     - Create Training campaigns

     - Create and Edit Assignment, Reminder, and completion email templates.

     - Create and Edit Pre and Post training messages

     - Create and edit your own training categories

     - Upload training content, from policy documents to Interactive training

     - Monitor the Upload Progress

Reports and Stats

    - View Suite of Power Bi Reports including 

        - Summaries and Analysis of campaigns (Phishing, Training,Quizzes, and Smishing) 

        - Summaries and Analysis on Real Time Events

        - Reports on Human Cyber Behaviour and Risk Analysis

    - Configure Report Settings

    - View Phishing and Training Email Bounce Report

    - Export Live data from Phishing and Training Campaigns


    - PhishHuk email reporting dashboard, where you can download the outlook Addin and configure report settings

Smishing Manager

     - Create SMS campaigns

     - View, Create, and Edit Smishing Text templates.

     - View and Create feedback Messages

     - Configure C-Suite Tokens

Real Time Risk Response

     - View, Create, and Edit Real-Time email responses.

     - View, Create, and Edit Real-Time IM responses.

     - View, Create, and Edit Real-Time response events.

     - View Real-Time audit Trail.

     - Track Real-Time response Issues.

     - Configure Orchestrators


    - Customise Organisation, Training, and Phishing Settings.

    - Configure Authentication Settings (SSO)

    - View and Edit Communication Templates

    - View System Tokens and Create / Edit local Tokens.

Support Request

    - Open a ticket with CRA Support.

The complete CyberRiskAware Main menu and submenu items are listed below. We will continuously refer to sections of this menu during the course of your CyberRiskAware Training and User Manual.

Note: Sub Menu Items are indented.

Complete Administration Menu


Content Preview

Partner Management

        - Partner Keys

        - Managed Organisations

        - Partner SignUp  

Organisation Manager

        - Organisation Profile

        - Organisation Timeline

        - OU Designer

User Manager

        - User Profile

        - Organisation Users

        - Departments & Groups

        - Roles and Permissions

        - Bulk user import

        - User Import / Sync Progress

        - AD Sync Configuration

        - Group User Report

Phishing Manager

        - Phishing Campaigns Index

        - C-Suite Settings

        - Phishing E-mail Templates

        - User Feedback Messages

Quiz Manager

        - Quiz Campaigns

        - Quiz Definitions

Training Manager

        - Training Campaigns

        - E-mail Templates

        - Training Messages


        Training Upload

        Upload Progress & History

Reports and Stats

        Organisation Report Portal

            - Phishing Reports

            - Training Reports

            - Quiz Reports

            - Smishing Reports

            - Real Time Reports

            - Human Cyber Behaviour and Risk Analyser                

        - Report Settings

        - Bounce Report

        - Data Export

            -  Phishing Data

            -  Training Data






        - Support

        - Addins

        - Legacy PhishHuk


        - Smishing Campaigns

        - Smishing Text Templates

        - User Feedback Messages

        - C-Suite Settings

Real-Time Risk Responses

        - Real-Time Email Responses

        - Real-Time IM Responses

        - Real-Time Response Events

        - Event Audit Trail

        - Issue Tracking

        - Configuration

        - Orchestrator Settings


        - Organisation Settings

        - Phishing Settings

        - Training Settings

        - Authentication Settings

        - Communication Templates

        - Token Manager

Support Request

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