Now that you have created and published you first Phishing campaign, please follow the following steps to review your campaign results.

Step 1: Checking your email Inbox.

Once you have published your first phishing campaign the status in the Phishing Campaigns list will change to "Active" and you should have received your first mock phishing email in your email inbox.

Important: If you did not receive this email or found it in your Spam or Junk folder please refer to Step 1 "How to Whitelist" in your Getting Started help menu.

In order to test your campaign:

1. Open your email inbox

2. Open and read this safe email

3. Open the embedded link or attachment.  

Step 2: Checking results on your CRA Portal.

Return to your CyberRiskAware admin portal and to your Phishing Campaign list containing your recently published phishing campaign. 

On the Actions menu to the right of the Campaign status you are now provided with the following options:

1. Details

Selecting this option will provide some basic information about the campaign.

2. Delivery Report

Selecting this option shows the delivery times of the campaign (More useful in Batch and Burst mode Campaigns)

3.  Delete

As described, this allows you to delete a phishing campaign.

4. Results.

Here you may look at the current results. This will show activity carried out on the email. (e.g. email Opened, URL Clicked, Attachment Opened etc).

Results headings explained

Viewed email
User viewed email in email client, either fully or in preview (image pixel was requested) 
Clicked linkUser clicked a link in the Phishing Email 
Navigated pageUser clicked a normal link on the Phishing form or Phishing page (e.g. a Help link or Terms link etc)
Clicked pageUser clicked anywhere on the endnode page (other than link, image, button etc...) 
Clicked imageUser clicked on an image on the endnode page
Opened attachment
User opened the email attachment
Field focused
User clicked into an input field on a Phishing form 
Field filled
User  performed a keystroke on a Phishing form input field (e.g. textbox)
Posted form
User clicked on a Submit action on a Phishing form

If you have any problems recording email activity please refer to the FAQ's in the Help facility on your portal for further information or send a support request to our dedicated support team via your portal.

If all activity has recorded correctly then congratulations your email system is correctly configured for CyberRiskAware. 

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