Phishing and Ransomware Prevention - Security Awareness Platform

If you are looking to keep your employees informed on cyber security threats such as Phishing, Ransomware, CEO Fraud, Social Engineering, malicious code, we provide an inexpensive phishing simulation solution, security awareness and knowledge assessment content that educates and evaluates your team so that you can create a Human Firewall to protect your business.

Short Movies and interactive content keep your team engaged.  Our current content covers the following;

GDPR, Data Protection, PoPi Act, HIPAA, Phishing,  Ransomware, Social engineering, Malicious Attachments,  Spyware,  Inappropriate Emails, Clean Desk, Pop Ups,  Passwords, Removable Media,  Password Handling, HTTPS, Free WiFi, Printouts,   Tailgating,  Shoulder surfing,  Confidential Material,  USB key drop,  WiFI at home,  Unauthorised installs,   Chain mail,   Dumpster diving and  Key loggers.